Terms and Conditions

1.All backing tracks that are provided on this website, daveintheshed.com, are the sole property of Dave Maffris, DBA as Dave Maffris, and cannot be resold or used in any recordings, videos, or resold to others, without the express written permission of Dave Maffris.


2. The backing tracks on this site are MP3 files that have been created, recorded, and produced entirely by Dave Maffris, and do not include main melodies of the songs, just accompanying chords and background harmonies. As such, the tracks are the original recordings of Dave Maffris, who retains sole rights to them, unless they are used in the following manner, see below.


3.  The backing tracks, once purchased, can be used by a performing artist at live venues, either singing or playing along, "karaoke" style, and the performing artist must not claim the recordings are their original work.


4. If the artist wishes to record their voice or instrument over the backing track, they may not resell their recordings or otherwise obtain monetary compensation for those recordings, unless they obtain express written permission from Dave Maffris. Additional fees for this type of use must be negotiated with the owner and creator of these tracks, i.e., Dave Maffris, and the owner reserves the right to refuse to authorize the recording or resale of the tracks that were purchased here.

5.  There are no refunds for purchases made where you are unable to download to a device, as it is the user's responsibility to know how to download MP3's before purchasing. If you purchase a backing track with any type of glitch please send it to me--if it can be remixed or repaired I will send you a replacement, if it cannot be fixed you will receive a full refund.

  If you lose your file and would like me to reactivate your previous orders so you can download it again, please contact me on the contact form anywhere on this site. It is recommended that you back up your purchases to an external drive.

6.  The MP3 files purchased will be available for download once payment has been made and verified by the website payment authorization system. Payment by credit or debit card is accepted, and buyers receive a download link via email as well as on the website. No physical product will be shipped of backing tracks.

7. Purchase of original music by Dave Maffris can be downloaded using the same system, but physical CD's, if available, can be purchased, and will be shipped. We offer free shipping within the U.S. Shipping rates outside the U.S. will be determined by product weight and shipping method chosen by the purchaser. No returns or refunds on physical products will be given unless there is a defect in the product that can be verified upon return by the customer. Returns of defective products will be refunded, however, return shipping is the customer's responsibility.